Thursday, August 28, 2008

Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 186

This week our talented Photochoppers were to lead us on a magical tour through a Las Vegas festooned with!'s dark and disturbing influences by Showing us your ideas for a Woot Casino. Although Las Wootvas is all about winning and losing, at times we find ourselves at an impasse- on the horns of a dilemma, facing a Hobson's choice, with the only side being the downside if we selected one chop over another of equally high quality. So, we bailed. We asked Jason if we could award a tie for first place, and without even checking with Dave, as far as we know, he agreed! Accordingly, because the two chops we felt to be the best really had little to separate them, we awarded first place to both.

First Place - $100 (tie)
mwiseman - TooNeon
Not just a casino, but a casino resort! Now maybe we can all see those winning signs they said they were going to put up after that sign contest.

also see:
mwiseman's wonderful Robotic Stage Mistakes Show, complete with giant raptor mauling.

First Place - $100 (tie)
rascal514 - Woot Casino
Really, can't you see this casino in your mind's eye, right in there among the other great casinos of Las Vegas- The giant Best Buy BentoBox casino, the Sam's Gentlemen's Club (members only, of course), the Yahoo! Sellout Dollar Slots, and, of course, eBet, where everyone stays in their hotel rooms and submits bets over the wireless internet.

Second Place - $50
plinth - Woot!netian Drink Menu
Plinth fortunately gave us a glimpse into the upscale Vegas that he finds each time the convention rolls into town.

Third Place - $20
CabooseGT - One Game, One Day
This, this is how the woot casino plans to become a tax loss for the Woot investors' financial needs. One slot, each day. Click the pic for a bigger jackpot.

Honorable Mentions
FedUpOldHag - Woot Buffet
Boy, what a crappy selection in this buffet- there isn't even any ThunderPanda in Peanut Sauce.

cicada - Potty Slots
Uh, excuse us for a moment...

ActorTom - Payouts Quarterly
As if. Vegas, where naive dreams are shattered by the cold reality of lazy copywriters/contest supervisors.

toby8915 - Now There's a Dealer!
I hope we all appreciate what a brave woman Shan was to allow this one to be redisplayed!

faithcoaching - I wonder if this chair will hold up?
Speaking of a festive Brave Woman...

Monkey Prize
rascal514 - Welcome to Woot! Vegas
Yep, from the sublime to the ridiculous, rascal514 started out flush on his trip to Vegas, only to end up here, in the gutter, wet, dank, without that $100 we just gave him (lost it to the Woot! slot machine) and corrupted by the stain of failure slowly spreading from that matted, piebald monkey, his only remaining companion.

Money winners, please email your Paypal info to Monkey Prize winner, please email your shipping address to Honorable Mentioneers may use coupon code HONMEN-FS for free shipping on a future order. Then, when the code doesn't work, you can try emailing and if you're pleasant about it, they'll usually credit you for the code. Until next time, remember, whatever you won in Vegas, stays in Carrollton, until the next corporate quarter rolls around, at least.

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