Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Duster – 2 Pack

“Okay, let’s go over this again.”

“Fine. My name is Con Jonner and I come from the future.”

“And it’s a dark future.”

“The darkest. In an attempt to bring order to the world, the government funded a company to make little robots that would clean. On August 4th, 1997, one of them became aware.”

“And so they send you back to meet me.”

“But first they gave me this two pack of Go Dusters. They’re motorized, you see, but non-sentient. They only operate under my control. That makes me… a cyborg.”


“I’m a freak, you see. A tortured, misunderstood freak. And yet, I can also work on vertical blinds, electronics and furniture. Also there’s multi-surface spray included.”

“I thought all guys have that.”

“But mine traps dust on the duster head. And that’s how I fight SkyOomba, trying to prevent it from coming to life.”

“You know this is August 26th, 2008, right?”

“No! NO! Curse them, I’m too late! There’s nothing I can do but try to create the warrior that will, through struggle, overcome SkyOomba and redeem our future! Hurry! I know a cheap motel where we can get started tonight!”

“I’m going home, Con.”

“But, but the future! Let me embrace you with my Go Duster Two pack arms!”

“Get those things away from me! Taxi!”

Warranty: 90 Day Go Duster


* Motorized duster that practically does the work for you
* Safe to use on collectible items, such as bobble heads or figurines
* Also good to use on vertical blinds, electronics, furniture, or 65" Olevia TVs
* Go Duster multi-surface spray traps dust on the duster head
* Operates on 4 AA batteries

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