Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

1) Comment on Blogs
Look for large traffic Blogs in your niche, visit them and leave your comments on their blogs posts. You may use blog search engine like, and to find blogs in your niche.

2) Submit Articles
Write articles that are related to your blog and submit them to popular article directories such as,,, and Quality articles may drive you a lot of free targeted traffic.

3) Participate in Community Forums
Use google to search for forums that are related to your blog. Look for forums that has over 10,000 members and read the rules of the forums to see whether you can promote your blogs and websites in your signature. Join forums that allow you to add a link to your blog in the signature and start participating in discussion. You can ask questions, answer other members questions and post your articles, ideas and thought in the forums.

4) Submit Your Blog to Directories
This isn't working to me but some bloggers claim that they gain a good amount of traffic from their listings in directories.

5) Post Often
You can lose traffic if you seldom update you blog, try to make it at least 5 posts per week. This not only will maintain your traffic but possibly attract more readers.

6) Write about Blogging
Write helpful and quality articles related to blogging can attract other bloggers link to your articles and gain may be truckload of free traffic.

7) Post Breaking News
If your found a breaking news of your niche very earlier, post it to your blog. It may give your blog's traffic a boost.

8) Social Bookmarking
Bookmark you blog posts in the large social bookmarking sites like,, Simply and

9) Run a Contest
Start a contest on your blog. Think about the prizes that people really want. It will create a viral effect and bring in new visitors.

10) On-page Optimization
Make sure your blog's title tag and description tag contain your targeted keywords. When you have posted plenty of quality blog post and done a lot of blog promotion, don't be surprise to see your blog ranks top 10 in Google and get free search engine traffic daily.

Google Devalues Paid Links

After reading about the paid links issue in Matt Cutts blog and Digitalpoint Forum. It seems that paid links will no longer useful for Google SEO in the future as Google is going to change their ranking algorithm to make sure that paid backlinks will have not effect to Google ranking. Google now tries to figure out how to separate paid links from natural links and they also allow anyone to report paid links to help them distinguish paid links and natural links.

Furthermore, Google will take action against on websites that contains a lot of paid links. And for websites and bloggers that sell text links, here's what Matt Cutts, Head of Google's webspam team advices:
" If you want to sell a link, you should at least provide machine-readable disclosure for paid links by making your link in a way that doesn’t affect search engines. There’s a ton of ways to do that. For example, you could make a paid link go through a redirect where the redirect url is robot’ed out using robots.txt. You could also use the rel=nofollow attribute."

Google will make SEO harder. If you frequently buy paid links to boost your Google ranking and PR, I think you should stop now to avoid your site or blog penalized by Google.

Payments to webmasters and bloggers for a text link appears on their sites and blogs are definitely considered as paid links. For paid directory listings, there are still no clear specifications whether they are seen as paid links. In my opinion, they will not be considered as paid links since Google and Yahoo also have their own directories accepting paid listings. Can we report them paid links? For blog sponsor posts from and, they are likely to be treated as paid links as well since one of the goals of Google is to stop people from using unnatural backlinks that can artificially boost up their websites ranking. The devaluation of paid links by Google will sure affect the ways webmasters make money online in the future.

To get traffic from Google and make money from your website and blog, I think the best ways now is to make sure the majority of your links are natural, continue to grow natural and relevant inbound links and update your website or blog often with unique and useful content.

Google SEO Tips: Content Updating is Getting More Important

Google's ranking algorithm has never been consistent, recently, I discover that the frequency of content updating on blog and website is getting more useful in increasing Google ranking as it uses to be. I think it started about a month ago.

The search term "make money online" is a good example to strengthen my point. If you often use this search term, you'll notice the websites listed in top 10 result fluctuate from time to time. The frequent fluctuations have lead to websites with decent number of backlinks that have stayed in first page for long period of time gradually one by one drop from top 5 to top 10 and from top 10 to top 20; and allowing more blog with frequent content update to get into top 10 listing. I have been in the niche of "make money online" for more than a year and never see it happens this way. It is obvious that Google has changed their ranking algorithm again and place more weight on content.

So if your website have experienced a drop in Google and you think that you have not done anything wrong. The frequency of content updating may be one of the main reasons. You may take a look at your competitors website to see whether they have started adding fresh content often. If yes, you may think about updating your site in on going basis as well. It will give you a better chance in re-gaining your Google ranking.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

6 Ways to Make Money Blogging

1) Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Advertising Programs
CPC advertising programs are the best money making programs for most of the bloggers. They are suitable to all kind of blogs with family-friendly content regardless of their traffic level and age. CPC programs work well on blog because they display contextual ads that are highly relevant to blogs content and bloggers will earn anywhere between 10 cents to 50 cents for each contextual ads click by their visitors. With proper CPC ads optimization and consistent amount of traffic, a blogger can earn a steady amount of money displaying CPC ads on his/her blog. Google AdSense is no doubt, the undisputed king of CPC advertising programs and Yahoo Publisher Network is the closest alternative of AdSense.

2) Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Advertising Programs
CPA programs is quite similar to CPC programs except CPA programs don't pay bloggers for each click on the CPA ads hosted by bloggers. The blogger only makes money when the visitor takes an action on the CPA advertiser website. The action can be a sign up, making a purchase, generating a lead, downloading a product and more. CPA networks pay a lot more than CPC programs, for a visitor sent by the blogger from his/her blog to a CPA advertiser website and the visitor taken an action on the advertiser site, the blogger can earn few dollar to fifty dollar depend on the niche. But CPA ads tend to work well on large traffic blogs only., Commission Junction and are some of the largest CPA networks.

3) Promote Affiliate Programs
Marketing affiliate programs is very common nowadays. You sign up with affiliate program of an online company, then decide whether to use the company's text link or banner ads on your blog to promote the company's products or services and earn affiliate commission when a visitor make a purchase through your affiliate link. Affiliate programs can be promoted without a website and blog too.

4) Pay Per Post Programs
Pay per post programs started last year. The programs pay bloggers to write a blog post about a sponsor's website. The paid blog post can be a review or an introduction on the advertiser's website, products or services. The blogger will be paid a least $5 for each sponsor post. Blogs that have massive traffic, high Google PR and large number of subscribers can charge a few hundred dollar for just writing one sponsor post. Here's are the two most popular Pay per post networks that offer this type of earning opportunities:

The downside of pay per post is that writing too many sponsor posts that are not relevant to your blog content can seriously affect your traffic.

5) Sell Text Link Ads
Selling text links on your blog can be a great source of additional online revenue. It is not difficult to get started, just go to to sign up an account, then decide which part of your pages you want to display paid text links, set your price and you are ready to take order. will handle all the promotional works. Another company that offers the similar services as is

6) Hosting Web Poll
Vizu Answer offers a pretty new way to monetize your blog's and website's traffic. The pays the publishers on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) basis for hosting targeted web poll. The money a blogger can earn from hosting poll is depending on the page views. The more page views, the higher the earning.

3 Ways to Create a Money Making Website with Little or No HTML Knowledge

The advance of technology has made creating websites easier. More and more website building software were created by online companies to let people create their own websites without web design knowledge and experience. Below are some of the free website building software that are designed to help people build websites easily:

Google Page Creator (GPC)
It is a free beta online website development tool of Google. Anyone can sign up to use Google Page Creator to create a mini website with no HTML knowledge needed. It is easy to use, built in with a number of features and allowing AdSense ads. But in term of webpage optimization, GPC doesn't provide much options. The tool is right for beginners who want to build a content website and make money with AdSense.

Website to learn more about how to use GPC:

Domain & hosting

Hypervre website builder was developed by Matt Callen. The site builder automatically creates SEO friendly content web pages based on keywords of your choice. You don't need to figure out where to place your AdSense ads on your web pages, you just add your AdSense code during the web page creation process and your AdSense ads will appear on the high click-through rate areas of your web pages. You can also add your Amazon and Clickbank ads if you upgrade to paid membership. The builder saves time and work but only limited to building content-based website.

Domain & hosting
You can upload Hypervre sites to any of your paid and free hosting accounts using your own domain names.

An advanced website builder that allows you to create e-commerce site, sale page, AdSense & affiliate content-based website and much more. They provide video tutorial to help you begin. You can choose to design your site from scratch or use their ready made templates. Although the site owner of Bluevoda claims that users can build their own site without technical knowledge but my experience on Bluevoda is that it will make you more easier if yo learn some basic HTML code.

Domain & hosting
You have to register a domain name and a paid hosting account with

3 Interesting Ideas to Make Money on ebay

1) Sell Used Cell Phones on ebay
The demands for used cell phones with brand names like Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, Alltel, Ericsson, Sprint, etc in ebay are pretty high. Many of the used cell phones auctions in ebay usually attract bids.

So how to find used cell phones to profit on ebay?
Many people change their cell phones every year. If you are one of them, probably you already have 2 or 3 used cell phones kept at home that can sell on ebay. Your friends may also keep a few of old phones left unused. You can buy from them and resell on ebay.

To get a consistent supply of cell phones, you may think about placing classified ads in newspaper states that you pay money for used cell phone. You shouldn't pay much when buying used cell phones. Do a little research on ebay to find out how much used cell phones are generally selling. If a used cell phone sell at a price of $50 in ebay, you should pay not more than 30% of the price to buy it. If the phone is a recent model you can pay little more and cut a little if it is old and nothing special.

2) Sell Used How-to Books
Used how-to books are quite easy to find and inexpensive to buy. They can be bought at $1.00 or less. You can buy how-to books from thrift shops, estate sales, used book stores, yard sales, etc and sell them in ebay for high profit margin. You can also get how-to books from Book Sale Finder. Here are the type of books you should look for:

Photography, blacksmithing, clock building & repair, woodworking, magic, treasure hunting, iron work, pipe smoking, dog training, antiques, coins, buttons, medals, drawing, painting, craft making, dolls, pottery, etc.

Home and Garden
Home decorating, home remodelling, garden trellis, etc.

How to repair (watch repair, door repair, pipe repair), how to play, lost treasure, eary aviation, etc.

When you list your books in ebay, you can either list them in the "Book" category of ebay or in the subject specific category of ebay. For instance, If you are selling a book related to home decorating, you may be making more profit if you list the book under the "Home Deco" within the "Home & Garden" category of ebay campare to listing the book under "Book"

3) Sell Gift Cards
Gift card is another profitable market in ebay. There are many people possess gift cards but not everyone of them will use their gift cards. If you can offer to buy these unused gift cards for a price at 20% or less of the value of the gift certificates, they will sell to you. You can advertise your offer in local newspaper, penny shop and trading post. You are looking for gift cards that are still valid (not yet expire). Most gift cards have a toll-free number on the back you can dial to check whether the cards are still valid.

When determining the buy and sell price of a gift card, you should do some research on ebay. Try to look for auction that sell the similar card. See how much the card sells in the auction and set you buying price at 40% to 50% of the selling price of the auction. The starting bid and winning bid of the auction can also give you an idea on how much your card can sell on ebay.

Model Horse Guide!

Catch what's new with Breyer and what they're coming out with before they're out!

Model Horse Guide is a place for novices to expand their knowledge to the model horse hobby. We offer information to the Breyer model horse collectors, show competitors, the enthusiast, and to the horse lover. Our educational and informational pages are dedicated to the realistic beauty of the model horse. Learn that the Model Horse hobby goes beyond collecting and play.

7 Ways to Make Money Online Without Involving Internet Marketing

There are plenty of ways of making money on the net without requiring Internet marketing knowledge and I have introduced a number of them in the previous posts of this blog. For easier searching, I decided to combine them into this post. Here are them:

Work Online for Others and are freelance marketplaces with tons of online job opportunities. Getting an online job through freelance marketplace is similar to getting an offline job, it involves competitions. You search for an online job that is right for you in freelance site, then you bid for the job. If your bid is the lowest, the employer will usually award the job to you.

Another site offers online job opportunities is Unlike freelance marketplaces, there are no bidding competitions involved. They will assign the work to you. But to become their home-based professionals or workers, you must pass a difficult test.

Submit Articles for Cash
If you are passionate about writing, you may submit your articles to the below sites for publication and earn cash for each article published: - Accept articles related to web development and Internet marketing. (AC) - You become their member and submit articles in wide array of topics for payment consideration. Available to US only.
Newsforge - Pay $100 to $300 for each article about Linux, open source and free software.

Try Companies Offers
The concepts are simple. You join a website that contains a list of offers you can sign up or try. For each offer completed and approved, you'll be credited an amount of money into your account. Most of the offers available to US residents only. is one of the programs allows you to earn by completing offers.

Submit Photos and Images to Photo Agencies
Web designers, magazines and press need new photos and images often. They will look for photo marketplaces and agencies to buy photos that fit their need. You can submit your photos and images to these agencies and they will sell the photo and images for you. Below are some of the photo agencies:

Write Products Reviews
Have something to say about the products and services you have used? Send your product comment to products reviews websites. If they decide to publish your review, you'll be paid. - Reviews software and online games. - Plenty of product categories to review.

Be a Paid Bloggers
Here are the blog networks you can apply for a blogging position:

Upload Videos
Large video sharing websites like Metacafe and Break willing to pay people for uploading interesting videos such as funny, amazing and entertaining videos. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollar, if your original video attracted tons of views in these video sites.

How to Make Money Online by Coaching Others

A coach is a person who has know-how knowledge or special skill in a particular field and sharing it other people what want to achieve success in that particular field as well. Coaches can be an expert at anything from writing to marketing to business itself.

Many people have good knowledge at something or experience in a particular field. If you are one of them who are expert at an area, you can become a coach and earn money sharing your knowledge. On the Internet, there are a lot of coaches who help others in web design, graphic design, Internet marketer, SEO and many more.

There are a few important things you must have to become a coach and make money online. Firstly, you must have the ability to be a good listener. And patience is also needed when guiding your clients. Those people that hire you to become their coach would expect you to listen to their bad experiences and help guide them out of the muck they find themselves in no matter how strange they may sound.

To establish good reputation and credibility in the coaching business, you should know your field well. If you haven't done Internet marketing before, then being an Internet marketing coach isn't a good idea, because you don't possess real experience in this field and your students will find out that quickly.

The tools required for starting a coaching business are a computer, an email program, a website that sells your service, a shopping cart for receiving payment and telephone line dedicated for this business. There will be a lot of conversations occurring between you and your students. Both the email program and the phone line are set up for this purpose.

To start your coaching business, you need to first write a plan. Decide what coaching service you want to offer. Obviously, you will want to become a coach in the field that you have excellent knowledge in.

Then, set up a sale website to market your service. Describe exactly what service you are providing. Publish some good articles and content related to your field. This can help build credibility and expert status for your business.

Your website should also tell how much you will be charging. If possible include some positive testimonials from others who have tried your services to increase your chance of getting clients. Make your site look professional and clean; and also the navigation links of your site should be as simple as possible.

Once your sale website launched, you are ready to do business. You will want as many potential clients as possible come to your website and check out your offer so that you can make sales. Starting several Internet marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click advertising, article marketing and press release are some good ideas to market your service to your potential clients.

Not every potential client who comes to your site will participate in your coaching program. In fact, you may find that the majority of your potential clients don’t sign up your coaching program on the first visit on your site. Since they are your potential clients, you should find a way to collect their contact information before they leave your site so that you can later persuade them to sign up your program.

Perhaps offering your potential clients a free mini course on your website is a good way to collect their email contact information. Those who find you mini course good may go ahead and sign up your coaching program. Others whom take no action after the finish of the mini course may one day become your clients because you have got the email address where you can communicate with them often to build up good relationship and entice them to join your coaching program.

Go Duster – 2 Pack

“Okay, let’s go over this again.”

“Fine. My name is Con Jonner and I come from the future.”

“And it’s a dark future.”

“The darkest. In an attempt to bring order to the world, the government funded a company to make little robots that would clean. On August 4th, 1997, one of them became aware.”

“And so they send you back to meet me.”

“But first they gave me this two pack of Go Dusters. They’re motorized, you see, but non-sentient. They only operate under my control. That makes me… a cyborg.”


“I’m a freak, you see. A tortured, misunderstood freak. And yet, I can also work on vertical blinds, electronics and furniture. Also there’s multi-surface spray included.”

“I thought all guys have that.”

“But mine traps dust on the duster head. And that’s how I fight SkyOomba, trying to prevent it from coming to life.”

“You know this is August 26th, 2008, right?”

“No! NO! Curse them, I’m too late! There’s nothing I can do but try to create the warrior that will, through struggle, overcome SkyOomba and redeem our future! Hurry! I know a cheap motel where we can get started tonight!”

“I’m going home, Con.”

“But, but the future! Let me embrace you with my Go Duster Two pack arms!”

“Get those things away from me! Taxi!”

Warranty: 90 Day Go Duster


* Motorized duster that practically does the work for you
* Safe to use on collectible items, such as bobble heads or figurines
* Also good to use on vertical blinds, electronics, furniture, or 65" Olevia TVs
* Go Duster multi-surface spray traps dust on the duster head
* Operates on 4 AA batteries

Olevia 65” 1080p LCD HDTV

Local to Woot’s Dallas HQ and bummed about sales tax? If you have access to a truck, a friend, and $2273.24 including the mandatory sales tax, you may Consider this Option to come pick it up yourself. Free workout included.

Remember when you were a kid, and you thought everybody you saw on TV actually lived inside it? Well, the Olevia 265TFHD is one TV that’s up to the job. Laid diagonally from one corner to another, any number of stars could fit, life-size, on its mega-humongoid 65” screen. Scarlett Johansson would have plenty of room. So would Mel Brooks or Renee Zellweger or any one of the Three Stooges. From Danny De Vito to Prince, from James Madison to Dolly Parton, today’s best and shortest entertainers could take a reasonably comfortable nap right there on the high-quality Sharp LCD panel.

Don’t let them, though. Not even Scarlett Johansson. Because the TV would break. And you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games in hi-def hyper-enormo-vision. Our purchasing guys thought they knew what a big TV was. But when they saw this Olevia 65-incher, the second thing they did was say “We’ll take it.” The first thing they did was scrape their jaws off the floor and put their eyeballs back in their sockets.

50" and 65" don’t seem that far apart, do they? Yet the magic of geometry shows that a 65” TV has 69% more viewing area than a 50” TV. That’s two-thirds bigger – like turning the Three Stooges into the Five Stooges, or 101 Dalmatians into 170 Dalmatians. And if your idea of a big TV is a 42” screen, this Olevia brings a whopping 139% more viewing area. Still not convinced? Go to Display Wars and see how this behemoth stacks up against your TV.

As awe-inspiringly massive as it is, there’s a lot more to the Olevia 265TFHD than sheer size. There’s the cinema-grade Realta HQV video processor, which wouldn’t normally be caught dead on a low-rent web site like this. There’s the aforementioned Sharp LCD panel, from the geniuses who brought you the Aquos line of LCDs. (What better screen to watch your HD TiVo on?) There’s the 1080p resolution and the 6ms response time and the colors and the luxuriant piano-lacquer finish and the on-screen menus and the one-year in-house Olevia warranty and, and, and…

Sorry. We get a little carried away sometimes.

And so did Syntax Brillian. They valiantly dared to challenge the holy price-quality-speed triangle. Unfortunately, their low-price-for-high quality equation had them speeding towards Chapter 11. Of course, we pounced on the opportunity to get our greedy mitts on these TVs. Syntax promises their on-site warranty coverage will remain in full effect. And if you’d like a little more security, we’ve worked out pre-authorized coverage through SquareTrade, our preferred third-party warranty provider. (See our blog post on SquareTrade for more.) That means we think their three-year coverage price is fair. Also, they always have such nice breath. They must carry Altoids around or something.

We understand a purchase like this is a big decision. So think it over. Ask yourself whether you’re ready for the responsibilities of monstrous TV ownership. Measure your living room to make sure a 65” TV will fit. Examine your feelings to make sure you can live with its shortcomings, like offering only 2 HDMI inputs and…uh…well, we’re sure it must have other shortcomings, even if we can’t find them.

Then, once you’ve made the only decision a rational being could possibly make, run like hell for that “I Want One!” button. We don’t often see TVs like this around here. And we don’t expect them to stick around long. There’s nothing wrong with that Warwick Davis or Verne Troyer-sized TV you’ve been watching. But you don’t want to miss your shot at Marilyn Monroe.

Note: This item will be shipped by truck and delivery will take 7-14 days. When you place your order, you MUST enter your daytime phone number so the trucking company can schedule delivery.

Warranty: 1 Year On Site Olevia

Authorized for SquareTrade extended warranty and accidental damage coverage (see below for details)


* 65” 1080p LCD with 1920×1080 native resolution with 6ms response time
* Silicon Optix Realta HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processor that supports advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) and split-screen (side-by-side) windowing modes
* ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners built-in
* Director’s Image, Calibrated 6500K color and a full range of brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness and mode controls available to tune image quality
* High quality LCD panel provided to Olevia by Sharp
* Big Picture Technology, Advanced technology displays up to 37% more of analog images and 11% more of digital broadcast images, without distortion
* User Friendly On-Screen Display, Scrolling icon wheel simplifies use and features preset video and lighting modes for different environments and content types
* Firmware Upgradeable via USB, The latest software updates and quality improvements available from the Olevia website, easily uploadable to your TV through its USB port
* OleviaCare, Live, in-house technical and customer support personnel assure a total quality experience

N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular

The mission’s been compromised. The rest of the team has been lost. It’s up to me, operative Devilwolf-11, to neutralize the target and destroy the enemy munitions store. I commando-crawl through the brush. I initiate the N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular. Perimeter scan reveals no presence of enemy guards. I remain under cover of shadow and advance toward -

“Josh? Josh! Is that you crawling around in the bushes? What are you doing out there in the dark?”

“Mom, I’m busy! I’m – I’m doing something! What do you want?”

“Are you gonna drive me to the Walgreen? I need to get my blood-pressure socks.”

“Yeah, yeah! I’ll be in in a minute.”

“Josh, they close at ten, Josh.”

“It’s only eight-thirty, Mom! Gimme a minute!”

Intelligence indicates enemy ordnance is stored in the garage. Odor of cordite corroborates intelligence. Small window offers view into garage. N-Vision Optics NVC3 unit engaged. Despite slight blur around edges, Generation 1 light-intensifier tube reveals presence of what appears to be a concealed intercontinental ballistic missile, disguised as a lawnmower. I push on the window to gain access -

“Josh! Your father needs help putting on his ointment! Josh?”

“I’ll be right in, Ma!”

“You know he can’t reach -”

“I said I’ll be right in!”

Enemy guard notices me, pursues. Enemy guard neutralized before alarm raised. I return my titanium-fiber garrote to my utility compartment. The NVC3’s high-pitched whine must have compromised my position. Perimeter scan indicates no further -

“Josh! Josh, where are you? Josh?”

“Jeez, Mom, shut off that floodlight! I’m right here! Bright light can break my N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular!”

“Your what? What are you doing? When are you going to come in? Your father’s itchy real bad. And I need my socks.”

“Right now, Mom.” (sigh) “Right now.”

N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular destroyed. Munitions dump intact. Mission failed. Entire Free World in peril.

Warranty: 1 Year N-Vision


* Night vision monocular with first generation intensifier tube allows you to up to 650 feet in the dark
* Built in infrared illuminator allows you to see in total darkness
* 2x magnification with 22° field of view
* Operates on 1 CR123 battery (battery not included)
* Dimensions: 7.2” x 2.3” x 3.2” inches
* Weight: 16oz

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System

It’s come to our attention that, due to the similarities in their brand names, some people out there may mix up the Soundcast system with Sunkist orange soda. Of course, the voice that told us this was the little one in our heads that we turn to when we’re desperate for a copywriting idea. But just in case this confusion exists outside our addled minds, we’ve compiled this helpful, space-filling guide to telling the two apart.

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: transmits audio from your MP3 player, computer, portable CD player, etc. to your stereo system
Sunkist orange soda: if you shake it up, it makes a sound like FSSSSSHHHHHH

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: uses FHSS technology to transmit a clean, uninterrupted audio signal without buzz
Sunkist orange soda: uses caffeine and sugar to transmit a clean, uninterrupted buzz

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: delivers high-quality audio transmission at an indoor range of up to 150 feet
Sunkist orange soda: delivers high-fructose corn syrup in amounts up to 52 grams

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: includes transmitter, receiver, and all connecting cables
Sunkist orange soda: includes soda and can

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: contains no orange juice
Sunkist orange soda: contains no orange juice

Warranty: 2 Year Soundcast


The Soundcast Audiocast lets you turn your PC into a music server.
Simply hook the Audiocast transmitter to the headphone out jack on your computer and send your recorded music files to the Audiocast receiver that is attached to your music system, up to 350 feet or 150 feet though walls and doors
You can use two receivers with each Soundcast transmitter so that you can create two separate music zones in your home.
You can connect two Audiocast transmitters to the same music source – then you can make a four zone system.
Connects your PC/Mac/MP3 player wirelessly to an audio system that is up to 150 feet away
Uses 2.4 GHz wireless FHSS technology to send a clear uninterrupted audio signal to the receiver, allowing your music to be accessible from almost anywhere
1 transmitter can connect to 2 receivers to create a 2 zone audio system. You can also connect 2 transmitters (connected to the same audio source) to 4 receivers for a 4 zone audio system
Transmitter is compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm audio out put jack
Receiver is compatible with RCA (red and white) connectors
Bypasses DRM restrictions because you are playing audio directly from your PC, Mac, iPod, or MP3 player
Has 3 different audio channels to broadcast on
Dimensions: 6.8×2 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D)
In the AudioCast Transmitter box:

Power Adapter
Audio Cables
In the AudioCast Receiver box:

Power Adapter
Audio Cables

Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 186

This week our talented Photochoppers were to lead us on a magical tour through a Las Vegas festooned with!'s dark and disturbing influences by Showing us your ideas for a Woot Casino. Although Las Wootvas is all about winning and losing, at times we find ourselves at an impasse- on the horns of a dilemma, facing a Hobson's choice, with the only side being the downside if we selected one chop over another of equally high quality. So, we bailed. We asked Jason if we could award a tie for first place, and without even checking with Dave, as far as we know, he agreed! Accordingly, because the two chops we felt to be the best really had little to separate them, we awarded first place to both.

First Place - $100 (tie)
mwiseman - TooNeon
Not just a casino, but a casino resort! Now maybe we can all see those winning signs they said they were going to put up after that sign contest.

also see:
mwiseman's wonderful Robotic Stage Mistakes Show, complete with giant raptor mauling.

First Place - $100 (tie)
rascal514 - Woot Casino
Really, can't you see this casino in your mind's eye, right in there among the other great casinos of Las Vegas- The giant Best Buy BentoBox casino, the Sam's Gentlemen's Club (members only, of course), the Yahoo! Sellout Dollar Slots, and, of course, eBet, where everyone stays in their hotel rooms and submits bets over the wireless internet.

Second Place - $50
plinth - Woot!netian Drink Menu
Plinth fortunately gave us a glimpse into the upscale Vegas that he finds each time the convention rolls into town.

Third Place - $20
CabooseGT - One Game, One Day
This, this is how the woot casino plans to become a tax loss for the Woot investors' financial needs. One slot, each day. Click the pic for a bigger jackpot.

Honorable Mentions
FedUpOldHag - Woot Buffet
Boy, what a crappy selection in this buffet- there isn't even any ThunderPanda in Peanut Sauce.

cicada - Potty Slots
Uh, excuse us for a moment...

ActorTom - Payouts Quarterly
As if. Vegas, where naive dreams are shattered by the cold reality of lazy copywriters/contest supervisors.

toby8915 - Now There's a Dealer!
I hope we all appreciate what a brave woman Shan was to allow this one to be redisplayed!

faithcoaching - I wonder if this chair will hold up?
Speaking of a festive Brave Woman...

Monkey Prize
rascal514 - Welcome to Woot! Vegas
Yep, from the sublime to the ridiculous, rascal514 started out flush on his trip to Vegas, only to end up here, in the gutter, wet, dank, without that $100 we just gave him (lost it to the Woot! slot machine) and corrupted by the stain of failure slowly spreading from that matted, piebald monkey, his only remaining companion.

Money winners, please email your Paypal info to Monkey Prize winner, please email your shipping address to Honorable Mentioneers may use coupon code HONMEN-FS for free shipping on a future order. Then, when the code doesn't work, you can try emailing and if you're pleasant about it, they'll usually credit you for the code. Until next time, remember, whatever you won in Vegas, stays in Carrollton, until the next corporate quarter rolls around, at least.

Nokia N96 - The best phone 2008

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