Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soundcast Audiocast Wireless Audio System

It’s come to our attention that, due to the similarities in their brand names, some people out there may mix up the Soundcast system with Sunkist orange soda. Of course, the voice that told us this was the little one in our heads that we turn to when we’re desperate for a copywriting idea. But just in case this confusion exists outside our addled minds, we’ve compiled this helpful, space-filling guide to telling the two apart.

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: transmits audio from your MP3 player, computer, portable CD player, etc. to your stereo system
Sunkist orange soda: if you shake it up, it makes a sound like FSSSSSHHHHHH

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: uses FHSS technology to transmit a clean, uninterrupted audio signal without buzz
Sunkist orange soda: uses caffeine and sugar to transmit a clean, uninterrupted buzz

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: delivers high-quality audio transmission at an indoor range of up to 150 feet
Sunkist orange soda: delivers high-fructose corn syrup in amounts up to 52 grams

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: includes transmitter, receiver, and all connecting cables
Sunkist orange soda: includes soda and can

Soundcast Wireless Audio System: contains no orange juice
Sunkist orange soda: contains no orange juice

Warranty: 2 Year Soundcast


The Soundcast Audiocast lets you turn your PC into a music server.
Simply hook the Audiocast transmitter to the headphone out jack on your computer and send your recorded music files to the Audiocast receiver that is attached to your music system, up to 350 feet or 150 feet though walls and doors
You can use two receivers with each Soundcast transmitter so that you can create two separate music zones in your home.
You can connect two Audiocast transmitters to the same music source – then you can make a four zone system.
Connects your PC/Mac/MP3 player wirelessly to an audio system that is up to 150 feet away
Uses 2.4 GHz wireless FHSS technology to send a clear uninterrupted audio signal to the receiver, allowing your music to be accessible from almost anywhere
1 transmitter can connect to 2 receivers to create a 2 zone audio system. You can also connect 2 transmitters (connected to the same audio source) to 4 receivers for a 4 zone audio system
Transmitter is compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm audio out put jack
Receiver is compatible with RCA (red and white) connectors
Bypasses DRM restrictions because you are playing audio directly from your PC, Mac, iPod, or MP3 player
Has 3 different audio channels to broadcast on
Dimensions: 6.8×2 x 3.5 inches (W x H x D)
In the AudioCast Transmitter box:

Power Adapter
Audio Cables
In the AudioCast Receiver box:

Power Adapter
Audio Cables

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