Saturday, August 30, 2008

N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular

The mission’s been compromised. The rest of the team has been lost. It’s up to me, operative Devilwolf-11, to neutralize the target and destroy the enemy munitions store. I commando-crawl through the brush. I initiate the N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular. Perimeter scan reveals no presence of enemy guards. I remain under cover of shadow and advance toward -

“Josh? Josh! Is that you crawling around in the bushes? What are you doing out there in the dark?”

“Mom, I’m busy! I’m – I’m doing something! What do you want?”

“Are you gonna drive me to the Walgreen? I need to get my blood-pressure socks.”

“Yeah, yeah! I’ll be in in a minute.”

“Josh, they close at ten, Josh.”

“It’s only eight-thirty, Mom! Gimme a minute!”

Intelligence indicates enemy ordnance is stored in the garage. Odor of cordite corroborates intelligence. Small window offers view into garage. N-Vision Optics NVC3 unit engaged. Despite slight blur around edges, Generation 1 light-intensifier tube reveals presence of what appears to be a concealed intercontinental ballistic missile, disguised as a lawnmower. I push on the window to gain access -

“Josh! Your father needs help putting on his ointment! Josh?”

“I’ll be right in, Ma!”

“You know he can’t reach -”

“I said I’ll be right in!”

Enemy guard notices me, pursues. Enemy guard neutralized before alarm raised. I return my titanium-fiber garrote to my utility compartment. The NVC3’s high-pitched whine must have compromised my position. Perimeter scan indicates no further -

“Josh! Josh, where are you? Josh?”

“Jeez, Mom, shut off that floodlight! I’m right here! Bright light can break my N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular!”

“Your what? What are you doing? When are you going to come in? Your father’s itchy real bad. And I need my socks.”

“Right now, Mom.” (sigh) “Right now.”

N-Vision Optics NVC3 Night Vision Monocular destroyed. Munitions dump intact. Mission failed. Entire Free World in peril.

Warranty: 1 Year N-Vision


* Night vision monocular with first generation intensifier tube allows you to up to 650 feet in the dark
* Built in infrared illuminator allows you to see in total darkness
* 2x magnification with 22° field of view
* Operates on 1 CR123 battery (battery not included)
* Dimensions: 7.2” x 2.3” x 3.2” inches
* Weight: 16oz

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