Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to Make Article Marketing Works Well for You

Article marketing can drive free traffic to your website or help your online business gains more exposure. The process of article marketing isn't complicated. First, you write articles related to your website or business, submit them to large article directories and sites, the directories and sites owners will then review and publish your articles. The visitors read your articles, then click your website link in the author bio and you'll get free targeted traffic.

To achieve good result with article marketing, your articles must be interesting enough to attract many visitors to read them and the content of your articles will encourage the readers to click on your website link in the author bio. This blog post will provide some effective tips that will help you achieve good result in article marketing.

Good Title
The title of your article must be attention-grabbing. The title has to be compelling and concerned to a particular interest of your targeted visitors in order to grab your targeted visitors attention. The title will make people want to know more information just by reading it.

One way that can help you in writing good article title is by studying what information your visitors want. You can also browse on the large article directories such as and to find articles related to your niche. See what titles grab your attention and you will get the idea on how to write good article titles.

Helpful Content
The body of your articles is also important. You need to deliver some good information in the body of your article to make your readers happy and keep on reading the content until the end. If you have an impressive title but fail to deliver it in the body content, then most likely the readers will close the article page and look for another article that isn't written by you.

Don't Make Your Article Looks Boring
Your article needs to be organized well. Make use of bullets or numbers often to emphasis important points. Each of your paragraphs shouldn't be too long as these could possibly make your readers feel bored. Use more simple words for easier understand. And make sure there are no grammar and spelling errors.

Don't Tell the Whole Story
The ultimate goal of article marketing is to send the readers from the article pages to your website or online store so that you will get free traffic and make more money online. So, make sure your articles don’t tell everything. Yes, you need to provide some good information in your articles, but the articles shouldn't reveal everything. Make the readers feel that if they want more information, they will need to click on your website link in the author bio. Let say your article title is ‘How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense’. You can write this author bio to entice the readers to visit your website after finished reading your article.

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Review Your Article
After you finish writing an article, read it over and see whether you can understand it. If there is any sentence that you think will confuse the readers, then you should re-read it. Check to see if you have missed one or two important points. If you do have omitted something, add them in. Also, you may want to add anything new into the article. In that case, you can go to relevant forums and news sites to get new information where you can add it to your article.

8 Ways You can Make Money from

Recently, Anik Singal from Affiliate Classroom Inc has officially released a new and unique article directory. Anik named this article directory isn't another ordinary article directory. It is an article directory that pays people to submit content. When you sign up and start submitting articles in Affsphere, you will earn ad credits where you can exchange for AdSense ads and affiliate links place on your article pages. You can also choose to use your ad credits to buy banner advertising on Affsphere. So, all the articles you published on Affsphere can earn you AdSense revenue, Affiliate commission and free traffic.

Anik put together two short videos to help you get started in Affsphere. The first video is here. It introduces Affsphere and explains how it works.

The second video can be access here. It demonstrates 8 ways to make money with Affsphere.

Thursday Teleclass: How to Make Good Monthly Income with Membership Programs

Matt Bacak & Joe Lavery will be holding a live teleseminar training call on Thursday, August, 28th at 9pm EST. The training is all about how to build a membership business that will make you lucrative monthly income. The call is free and you can join it from the below link:

Once you have joined, you will receive the teleseminar dial-in details and access code for attending the training.

This will be an exciting teletraining because Matt will be giving you brand new information of profiting online with membership programs. Also you will get a free info product for attending the teleclass.

More Earning Opportunities in

Smorty has been in business for sometime. It is another pay-per-post blog network where any blogger can get involved and make money by publishing paid post on their blog.

It seems that Smorty is doing well; it's blog network is growing bigger and bigger and attracting more advertisers to pay bloggers in the network for writing paid post.

Recently, Smorty has introduced another income stream to bloggers. It is called Digxa mini store link advertising. The name may sound weire to you but it actually works quite simple.

When you join Smorty and opt to make money with their Digxa mini store link advertising system, you will be instructed to place a code on your blog. Then, the system will automatically find suitable keywords in the content of your blog and underline those keywords. If a visitor points the mouse over an underline keyword, a mini store banner will showcase a few products. If the visitor clicks on a product link, you will earn a share of advertising revenue.

Learn more about Smorty here.

The Criteria of Good Affiliate Marketing Programs

Clickbank has more than 10,000 affiliate programs, Commission Junction listed Top Fortune 500 companies with thousands of affiliate programs available, LinkShare also offers affiliate programs close to few thousands and there are still several other big affiliate networks offers plenty of affiliate programs.

Wow.... so many affiliate programs, how to choose the good programs that are effective for you to make money online with affiliate marketing?

Choosing the right affiliate marketing programs to use is critical to your success. This article will let you know what criteria to look for when making the choice of which programs to use:

The Affiliate Program is High quality
Always look for programs that are backed up by a reliable company or backed up a trustworthy team specializing in the industry. These quality affiliate programs generally offer products or services that sell well. But to make sure they are really offering good products, you should do some research and investigation. Check the affiliate product and services to see whether they offer good value, is most of the customers satisfied with them, how long the programs have existed. This way you will ensure the programs you are joining are credible.

The Affiliate Product is Great in Demand
You will want to promote affiliate products that have consistent demand. A product with good market demand is easier to sell and once you have developed an effective Internet marketing plan that will market it to mass audience, the product will make you good money for long term.

The Affiliate Program Pays High Commissions
Many affiliate programs reward affiliates by sharing a percentage of commission for each sale generated by the affiliates. So, when choosing affiliate programs, you should struggle to find the programs that pay high percentage of affiliate commission.

Affiliate programs usually offer either digital products or physical products. For digital / information products, you should only participate in the affiliate program if it offers commission at least 50%. Whereas for physical products, look for those that offer at least 10%.

The Affiliate Marketing Program Offers Good Support
This is an important criteria you should also look for when making the choice of which affiliate program to use if you're a beginner. There are a lot of programs that will offer their system and leave you to your own devices without much support.

If you just begun in affiliate marketing with limited knowledge, avoid these types. The affiliate programs that offer sufficient information, guide and affiliate support are the ones that suit you. You will appreciate this extra feature in case you encounter problem in affiliate marketing.

Get Paid to Host Content

is basically an article management website. It offers a pretty new way for webmasters and blog owners to make extra money online.

Webmasters and blog owners can participate in Host My Post article distribution and earn some extra bucks for adding fresh content onto their website and blog.

There are hundreds of articles divided into a list of categories inside the You are welcome to publish any of these articles that are relevant to your site or blog. Each article that you take and put it on your site will earn you points. The points can be then converted into real cash.

It takes only a few steps to get started in

1. Sign up to become a publisher of
2. Create an article section on your site if you don't already have one
3. Submit your site to for approval
4. Once approved, you can start using any relevant content and publishing them on your site to earn point.
5. The points can be turned into real cash or used for advertising your websites in network.