Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Earning Opportunities in

Smorty has been in business for sometime. It is another pay-per-post blog network where any blogger can get involved and make money by publishing paid post on their blog.

It seems that Smorty is doing well; it's blog network is growing bigger and bigger and attracting more advertisers to pay bloggers in the network for writing paid post.

Recently, Smorty has introduced another income stream to bloggers. It is called Digxa mini store link advertising. The name may sound weire to you but it actually works quite simple.

When you join Smorty and opt to make money with their Digxa mini store link advertising system, you will be instructed to place a code on your blog. Then, the system will automatically find suitable keywords in the content of your blog and underline those keywords. If a visitor points the mouse over an underline keyword, a mini store banner will showcase a few products. If the visitor clicks on a product link, you will earn a share of advertising revenue.

Learn more about Smorty here.

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