Saturday, August 30, 2008

Olevia 65” 1080p LCD HDTV

Local to Woot’s Dallas HQ and bummed about sales tax? If you have access to a truck, a friend, and $2273.24 including the mandatory sales tax, you may Consider this Option to come pick it up yourself. Free workout included.

Remember when you were a kid, and you thought everybody you saw on TV actually lived inside it? Well, the Olevia 265TFHD is one TV that’s up to the job. Laid diagonally from one corner to another, any number of stars could fit, life-size, on its mega-humongoid 65” screen. Scarlett Johansson would have plenty of room. So would Mel Brooks or Renee Zellweger or any one of the Three Stooges. From Danny De Vito to Prince, from James Madison to Dolly Parton, today’s best and shortest entertainers could take a reasonably comfortable nap right there on the high-quality Sharp LCD panel.

Don’t let them, though. Not even Scarlett Johansson. Because the TV would break. And you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games in hi-def hyper-enormo-vision. Our purchasing guys thought they knew what a big TV was. But when they saw this Olevia 65-incher, the second thing they did was say “We’ll take it.” The first thing they did was scrape their jaws off the floor and put their eyeballs back in their sockets.

50" and 65" don’t seem that far apart, do they? Yet the magic of geometry shows that a 65” TV has 69% more viewing area than a 50” TV. That’s two-thirds bigger – like turning the Three Stooges into the Five Stooges, or 101 Dalmatians into 170 Dalmatians. And if your idea of a big TV is a 42” screen, this Olevia brings a whopping 139% more viewing area. Still not convinced? Go to Display Wars and see how this behemoth stacks up against your TV.

As awe-inspiringly massive as it is, there’s a lot more to the Olevia 265TFHD than sheer size. There’s the cinema-grade Realta HQV video processor, which wouldn’t normally be caught dead on a low-rent web site like this. There’s the aforementioned Sharp LCD panel, from the geniuses who brought you the Aquos line of LCDs. (What better screen to watch your HD TiVo on?) There’s the 1080p resolution and the 6ms response time and the colors and the luxuriant piano-lacquer finish and the on-screen menus and the one-year in-house Olevia warranty and, and, and…

Sorry. We get a little carried away sometimes.

And so did Syntax Brillian. They valiantly dared to challenge the holy price-quality-speed triangle. Unfortunately, their low-price-for-high quality equation had them speeding towards Chapter 11. Of course, we pounced on the opportunity to get our greedy mitts on these TVs. Syntax promises their on-site warranty coverage will remain in full effect. And if you’d like a little more security, we’ve worked out pre-authorized coverage through SquareTrade, our preferred third-party warranty provider. (See our blog post on SquareTrade for more.) That means we think their three-year coverage price is fair. Also, they always have such nice breath. They must carry Altoids around or something.

We understand a purchase like this is a big decision. So think it over. Ask yourself whether you’re ready for the responsibilities of monstrous TV ownership. Measure your living room to make sure a 65” TV will fit. Examine your feelings to make sure you can live with its shortcomings, like offering only 2 HDMI inputs and…uh…well, we’re sure it must have other shortcomings, even if we can’t find them.

Then, once you’ve made the only decision a rational being could possibly make, run like hell for that “I Want One!” button. We don’t often see TVs like this around here. And we don’t expect them to stick around long. There’s nothing wrong with that Warwick Davis or Verne Troyer-sized TV you’ve been watching. But you don’t want to miss your shot at Marilyn Monroe.

Note: This item will be shipped by truck and delivery will take 7-14 days. When you place your order, you MUST enter your daytime phone number so the trucking company can schedule delivery.

Warranty: 1 Year On Site Olevia

Authorized for SquareTrade extended warranty and accidental damage coverage (see below for details)


* 65” 1080p LCD with 1920×1080 native resolution with 6ms response time
* Silicon Optix Realta HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processor that supports advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) and split-screen (side-by-side) windowing modes
* ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuners built-in
* Director’s Image, Calibrated 6500K color and a full range of brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness and mode controls available to tune image quality
* High quality LCD panel provided to Olevia by Sharp
* Big Picture Technology, Advanced technology displays up to 37% more of analog images and 11% more of digital broadcast images, without distortion
* User Friendly On-Screen Display, Scrolling icon wheel simplifies use and features preset video and lighting modes for different environments and content types
* Firmware Upgradeable via USB, The latest software updates and quality improvements available from the Olevia website, easily uploadable to your TV through its USB port
* OleviaCare, Live, in-house technical and customer support personnel assure a total quality experience

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