Saturday, October 11, 2008

Making Money Online a Different Beast

As many of you have probably already felt making money online is not quite as easy as people think. And the actual different ways to translate your blog to what type of actual niche or style determines very much how and if you can monetize the traffic you have. I have always said and I will keep repeating it. Traffic is easy monetization is a fucking bitch.

Our buddy Frank from OpTempo wrote a post a few days ago named eBook Review: How To Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress now let me say this review is so dead on it is scary. Now this ebook was written by Caroline Middlebrook again she seems to be a very nice lady but geezz she is so fucking clueless it is just painful. Now the sad part is that Frank made a really good description that this could be an awesome ebook for the noob on setting up a wordpress blog. But for making money online even though Frank did not say it in these exact words, it is a fucking joke.

What made me write this post is a comment she made.

Thanks very much for the awesome review - it has really highlighted a couple of points for me that I think I need to address in the book.

Firstly, I differentiate between a niche blog and a niche site and thats the reason why I advocate the use of pages over posts and the decision not to have comments. I think I need to explain this further.

Secondly the book really is about WordPress and not about making money, but I might need to either expand on this a little or perhaps even link out to some external resources about making money with niche sites as that is not really something I am an expert on yet.

Now I ask you if the ebook is not about making money can please some one explain to me why it is fucking called How To Develop Money-Making Niche Sites. Please can some one clarify me mmmm does the Money-Making Sites part by definition is about making money or is it that my illness has just made me a fucking idiot?

I sometimes ask myself why is it for some people so hard to just say fuck it, I admit it, I do not know and just move on. But the fact is that she wrote another fucking ebook full of fucking fluff with a bunch of affiliate links. Because this is the shit she sees the so called A-lister do and she thinks this is the way to the holy grail. Grizz made this point very clear in a comment he made.

People I will not go deep into the facts but you need to make and take decisions before you start a new niche and you need to understand that if you are looking to make money online from a blog you need organic traffic period and this is not fucking debatable. If you are fucking clueless to this fact then you are done before you even started. Grizz wrote an article that just outlines this and uses my best friend John Chow as an example his post it is called The Make Money Online Niche Grizz breaks down this point that even a fifth grader could understand it.

Now folks as with the rest of the bunch what seriously scares me about Caroline Middlebrook is she has up to now 1024 feed readers and not counting the people that read her blog and are not subscribed to her feed. Folks I really really hope she has all this readers because they enjoy how she writes and have become friends but if these people are actual bloggers trying to learn to make money online I can tell you right now their are 1024 people who are getting fucked and kissed at the same time and have years ahead of them trying to figure out how to really make money online.

People if you are looking to make money online you need organic traffic any dumb fuck that is telling you how to use StumbleUpon or Twitter or any other service to drive traffic your monetize blog is fucking clueless about how to actually make money online. Anybody that is telling you to tell Google to go fuck themselves is fucking clueless to how to make money online. THIS IS FUCKING UNDEBATABLE!!!!!


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