Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make Money Online Now or Starve

Make money online now or do you really want to wait till next year? Before I hear the whiners that this is unethical let me just say kiss my ass and go starve yourself. There are some basic problems that a new site has that you just can not get around, it is what it is but if you are creative you can still make money online now. One of the biggest problem is keyword authority and this is really huge folks if you have intentions to make money online now. Anything that is well searched and published in 100k sites you will have no chance in hell to rank high on that term. The gravity of the situation depends on the niche you chose to blog about.

This post goes for Costa and a couple of you that have privately mentioned that you feel that you are having some success but at the same time you are just not breaking huge ground or if we translate what they are really saying is they want to make money online now and not in 5 years. One of the the worst niches is the make money online niche and how to blog niche. Does this mean that it is game over mmm not really if you are willing to game the system you can start to make money online now and get the big payoff once you have built keyword authority.

If you use the Bait and Switch in the real world your ass will be in jail so fast you will not know what hit you, but here in the virtual world we can use the bait and switch and the worst that will happen is some one notice what you did and make and obscene comment. But if you want to make money online now in certain niches, I tell you what buddy you better start getting the worms.

Lets look at the make money online niche. If you do a search for for “make money online” you will see that the number one page is now this is the term that I am building this site around but I know that right now I would be fucking greedy for me to go after that. On a side note folks I hope he enjoyed his position one because by next month guess who will be first ;) anyway back to the post. So I will need to focus on a keyword or keywords that will still bring target traffic so I have a few options I can go straight up and try to use a longer string using make money online as the base or I can do a bait and switch. Let’s see who would be interested in making money online mmm how about some one that is looking for a job, this would be perfect because not only they are your best target but they have not being contaminated yet by the other bullshit make money online bloggers. So using my keyword research tool I will research “jobs” I find that the best shot I have is the search string “getting a new job” last month it had 1258 searches the number one position is a PR3 static page so I will actually have a really good shot to land on page one if I write the post well.

So how does the bait and switch work. Here is a brief example on how I would write it.

Title : Getting a New Job or an Opportunity

Getting a new job is not an easy thing in todays market but yet we find ourselves getting a new job. The question we need to ask ourselves while getting a new job is do we really want this or do we need another type of opportunity. Many people that have found themselves getting a new job have found one of the best online opportunities still available. How about getting a new job as a blogger. Blogging is one of the fastest professions in the internet and it provides you the opportunity to start your online business for less than $20.00. Blah bah blah you see where I am going with this.

Now let’s say that I land on the first page with this post I just increased my sites unique hits by around 600 do the same thing with different terms 10 times and I just increased my unique hits by 6000 a month in one good day of posting. Now is this a way to make money online now or what?

Now if we really want to be aggressive or we really need to make money online now you can make the bait and switch more obvious. Let’s say you wake up in the morning and you hear that Bob Helronersonme has just won the lotto in California. Now through the day folks because the name is so fucking weird people will be searching on the net to find out who the hell this guy is. You do a search and it turns out there are only 200 results. Using the techniques I taught you yesterday now you know you can write a post that will get instant indexing and you will be competing on a top five position for 20k to 50k unique hits. The important thing is you need to know how to write your post that is fluent and it does not look out right that what you are doing is a bait and switch. Now I used a crazy name but you can do this with anything that you hear that is hot and when you search on the net you see less than 50k results, you should be able to compete even if you have a low PR. So how about if you go try this right now and try to Make Money Online Now?

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