Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make Money Online 100% Success

Make money online 100% success, and you guys are saying yeah right. But you can actually make money online with a 100% success rate and it is not rocket science, the question really is are you willing to pay the price to make money online with a 100% success rate. The problem with people that are trying to make money online is they think their is a magic bullet, that it will be easy and that they will not have to invest money but folks I have said it before and I will keep saying it. The same rules that apply to making money in a traditional business also applies to making money online.

Now in a traditional business that you want to make money with you would have to invest from a rental to all the tools and gadgets that you need for the niche you will work but in order to compete you have to make the best logical assumptions you can about your competition. To make money online you have to invest in the domain a theme some tools like BookmarkingDemon but the crucial thing is you really do not have to make assumptions you can actually see exactly what your competition did to get to position one in Google and replicate step by step to guarantee your 100% rate of success to make money online.

Ok so let’s say I want to compete for the key word string “wordpress theme” so I do a search for the keyword and using SEO Elite I back trace all my competitions in links now I go one by one and find out how they got the link if it is a blog I comment in the same place my competition did now if it is not a blog or forum where I can easily comment and get a back link I just look at the type of content their is in the page and it’s page rank now I find a dofollow blog that has a post with the same content and the same PR and I leave a comment so I replicate exactly what my competition has to match his exact keyword authority.

Now will this be simple or easy or fast, FUCK NO!!!! Who ever told you it would be a breeze lied to your ass. But again I ask you can you guarantee the success of a Burger King franchise? FUCK NO! They have stores close just like every other business, now with there branding they sure are ahead of the curve with the rest but do you have the million dollars it takes to start a Burger King franchise? But even then you can not guarantee to make money.

In the internet you can replicate another persons success and make money only with a 100 percent success rate. The question is are you willing to pay the price to make money online? Folks writing the post is the fun part getting authority links is the most fucking boring thing in the world you will consistently be at the 110% effort and you will only see 20% results but over time you will keep moving up on your route to the illusive making money online.

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