Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Generate Passive Online Income Using Articles - Part 2

The part 1 of this article has been shared with you two ideas of using articles to earn passive income. Below is another two ideas for you.

Contribute in HubPages
A huge content network that you probably have heard about is Hubpages. Hubpages has articles and information in a wide range of topics. All the content are contributed by HubPages Community of authors around the world. Hubpages is opened to anyone. If you have information or content to share, then you may join Hubpages. Each article page you create is called hub. You can add in your AdSense code to have your AdSense ads automatically displayed on your hubs. If you are also an affiliate of eBay and Amazon, you can choose any product of eBay and Amazon; and feature them in your hub.

The good thing about Hubpages is that it attracts search engine attention because there are loads of content published in Hubpages. So, with some informative and keyword-optimized hubs that you built, you can attract constant traffic from search engines like Google. Part of the traffic may convert into AdSense and if you are lucky, your hubs might generate a few eBay or Amazon sales that will further increase your income.

Hubpages makes no promise on how much the authors can make. The income you can earn is much depending on the volume of content you contribute. The hubs you created, the greater your passive income potential might be.

Build You Own Content Website
This is an ideal option for you if you don’t want to write content for other sites. You can use a website builder such as Xsitepro to build you own niche content website. The topic of your website should be popular or it is the one that you interested. Then write good articles for the chosen topic and publish them on your niche content website. Each of your content pages will be optimized with AdSense ad and link units to generate income.

You have full control when publishing articles on your own site, but you are going to need to market the site yourself. Targeted traffic will generate AdSense revenue. You have to keep on marketing your site to drive targeted traffic to your site in order to make thing works. That certainly will involve a learning curve and a lot of hard work on your part. So, be prepared for that.

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