Monday, November 24, 2008

Google AdSense Tips: Formatting Your Content Looks like AdSense Ads is Disallowed

Last Tuesday morning when I checked my email, I found there was an email from the Google AdSense team sent to me. I quickly opened the email to find out what it is about.

Well, it was a bad news to me. It was a warning from Google AdSense team. They said when they were reviewing my AdSense account they found violations of AdSense policies on my pages such as They then further explained that I cannot implement AdSense ads in a manner that disguises the ads such as formatting neighboring content to look similar to the ads, or by making ads look like games or forum threads. Additionally, images cannot be placed close to the ads. And I was given 3 days to make the necessary changes. If I choose not to make the changes I will no long allowed to display AdSense ads but my account will still remain active.

After finished reading the email, I really feeling worry and confuse. How come I can against so many policies since I have read their policies and add the Adsense ads carefully? This made me headache a while.

I browsed my own pages to find out what really went wrong. I thought back what types of content pages I have created. Fortunately, I managed to figure out and conclude that the violation of AdSense policies is due to some of my content pages formatted to be look similar to AdSense ads.

Once I found out this, I immediately started checking all my pages. I clicked on my own archive pages to review each post and make changes to the posts that disallowed by Google. There are total of 772 posts I have to review and it took about ten hours to review all the blog pages and modify the problem pages. My head is spinning doing all these works.

After three days, I saw my AdSense ads still appear on my pages. So, Google has probably satisfied with the changes I have made and let me continue to make money with AdSense.

Why I'm telling you this?

I hope that you didn't make the same mistake just like I did when implementing AdSense ads on your site and blog to make money online. It is painful to make changes especially if your site have hundreds of pages. It is a tedious work to check back each of your pages.

So, don't format your neighboring content look like AdSense. Google actually spend the time to check AdSense publisher accounts. I think they are checking each publisher account, just don't know whether they are doing the checking manually or automatically.

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