Sunday, April 13, 2008

A different virus and its solution

I gave my pen drive to the office boy last week. When he returned it to me it was having lot of virus . I fired him as the drive contained a lot of important documents . I cleaned the drive to the maximum with my antivirus software Virus Buster .But two virus still didn't leave .

1. The autorun of the pendrive is blocked
2. All the files in the drive can't be seen and the two options in the folder options control pannel is ticked simultaneously. ie show and do not show hidden files . When I try to select the files in the drive the system tells me to change the folder visibility option . When I gave my drive to him all these were not hidden in property .

I request all big brothers here to help me to solve this problem .Will any new antivirus software solve this problem by removing the virus. As nothing can be seen or selected I am really confused . Please give me the solution soon .

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